Our Services

Success requires planning! We are committed to providing support to SME business owners and managers in establishing and implementing effective strategies for success. The delivery of Provident‘s vision of Plan. Help. Achieve. will provide you with the complete solution.

Our programs review where you are now and help you plan the next steps, however our key solution is to help you implement and execute your plan. At Provident Business Solutions we provide on-going support to ensure you achieve what you set out to do.

Business Accelerate Program

The Business Accelerate program is designed for businesses of all sizes and from all industries to achieve great successes in a simple and cost effective way.


This 12-month program has been specifically designed for business owners that never seem to have enough time in the day to work on their business. We work with you to achieve what your want from your business. We provide you with a strategy and surround you with the right team of experts to help you stay on track and achieve your established goals.

Leadership & Workplace Culture

A very large part of being a business owner is being a leader, a leader amongst staff, competitors and peers. In many cases, the successful implementation of a new strategy or plan comes down to the effectiveness of the leader and the culture they promote within their team.

We therefore see it critical to assess and measure the leaders of a business and the culture within a business. Before we can make effective recommendation for change, we need to know how prepared the business and its people are to accept change and if its managers and owners are ready to drive change.

Staff Value Program

In a world where competition for staff is increasing and retention is key, at Provident Business Solutions we have developed a program designed to help businesses attract, retain and get the most from their staff. It includes:

  • Team management and KPI setting for all team members
  • Fostering positive team environments
  • Identifying areas of staff dissatisfaction
  • Reviewing reward and incentive programs
  • Engaging all staff from executive down

Succession & Transition Program

Our consultants work with you to maximise value on sale to open market or on transfer to internal stakeholders by developing a strategy to:

  • Provide you an effective sell down of equity taking into account timing, price and post-sale lifestyle considerations.
  • Provide the new owners with an opportunity to buy into a business on a structured basis to minimise both their and your risks and opportunities.
  • Ensuring the business transitions to the next phase in a seamless fashion.
  • Ensuring the next generation is left with a successful and viable business into the future.

Finance Structuring & Procurement

Where there is a defined need to gain additional finance for the business or investment, our finance brokers at Echo Finance Solutions can work with your existing bank or introduce a number of different lenders, and will:

  • Review existing facilities (i.e. term, Interest rate and conditions)
  • Structure application
  • Introduce you to appropriate lenders & negotiate with lender where appropriate
  • Work with your existing financial advisers such as accountants/lawyers etc. to ensure legal and tax structures are correct.

As we are engaged by our clients to represent them in procuring finance, at Provident Business Solutions we prefer not to receive commissions from lenders for introduction.